We’re a small team of enlisted student veterans who share one common goal: to help you gain admission to college.

No fees, no membership, no catch. We’re just trying to pay-it-forward.

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What We Do

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Free Veteran Programs

We centralize all student-veteran resources, programs, and opportunities to help you gain admission to the nation’s top colleges.

Student Veteran Representatives

We team up with student veteran, campus representatives at the most highly ranked universities, and each of them are ready to provide their own perspective.

Personal Statement Workshop

We prepare Personal Statement tutorial videos, helping you craft and deliver your story in the most meaningful manner possible.

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Veteran Friendly Universities

We consolidate various university initiatives that focus on recruiting military veterans and nontraditional students to their respective campuses.

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Free Services

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How You Can Benefit

There has never been a better time to be a service member or military veteran applying to college. Universities nation-wide are actively implementing military initiatives, and we’re here to help guide you along the way.

  • Free Student Veteran Resources
  • Veterans Affairs (VA) Education Benefits Information
  • Student Veteran Representatives at the nation’s top colleges
  • Personal Statement tutorial videos
  • Our own personal admissions perspective

Hear from our team…

Once I learned about NSI and its mission to help veterans succeed after their service, I felt compelled to join and share any information I have.” 

Hayden McGrath
Columbia University
Marine Raider

“I am excited to help veterans with the daunting application process, and I’m happy to partner with NSI to provide great resources to interested veterans and share my own experiences and the lessons I learned along the way.”

Hudson Miller
Harvard University
Marine Postal Clerk

“There are many high achieving veterans waiting to pursue their dreams; all they need is the road map to help them along the path.”

Lyndsea Warkenthien
Stanford University
Navy Intelligence Specialist

“I’m grateful that NSI has provided me with a new avenue to connect with veterans who are determined to study at our country’s best colleges. I’m looking forward to working with as many of you as possible!”

Sam Fendler
Princeton University
Marine Rifleman

Latest Posts, Updates, and Perspective…

Brown’s Romantic Curriculum

If you are in search of a romantic campus, consider applying to Brown. Veterans begin their journey in higher education for different reasons. I can’t speak for every veteran, but if you are a veteran searching for a romantic campus, consider applying to Brown because no academic programs are more romantic than the open curriculum. In a romantic relationship, we mature and learn about ourselves by inviting a stranger into our intimate …

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Never Assume

One of my favorite teachers at the Lutheran elementary school I attended had a habit of repeating a specific phrase out loud when things didn’t go according to expectation: “Never assume.” It’s been burned into my memory, and now I repeat the same phrase out loud to myself. In my hometown of Hemet, California, there are streets named after many prestigious colleges. My favorite taqueria was, and still is, on Yale Street. …

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My Intersectional Identity Amplifies My Imposter Syndrome

One of the beautiful things about being in a “small” university is you hear about a lot more events and opportunities outside of your major. If your university is elite, it’s more likely that these events are led by the “top” minds in the country, maybe even the world. One of the groups that resonate with me at MIT is the First-Generation/Low-Income community. Through this group, I was invited to a discussion …

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Hot Wash: A Year After Separation

After serving in the military for over 10 years, I was ready for a change of pace. It would have been easier for me to stay another 10 years to retire, but I wanted a new challenge. Two weeks after I started terminal leave in January 2020, I attended a community college to complete prerequisites and transfer to a 4-year university. How hard can it be to transition from being in the …

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War as Livelihood: Military Service as a Means of Socioeconomic Mobility via Higher Education

I am writing this essay with reference to literary works that I encountered—in the form of assigned readings—for a course I recently completed as a student at a prestigious university. How I came to be a student at this university is that I served in the United States military. I served in the military because it was my only means of opportunity for upward socioeconomic mobility. My current situation is, in essence, …

War as Livelihood: Military Service as a Means of Socioeconomic Mobility via Higher Education Read More »


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