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We are student veterans studying at some of the nation’s top colleges. We were frustrated by how complicated the transition was from active duty to college, and we think it should be easier. We are ready to help make your journey easier by giving you the amazing resources and organizations that helped us get where we are today.

Our team is made up of veterans from every branch of the military, and we come from a variety of backgrounds. Some of us barely made it through high school. Others failed out of college. It doesn’t matter what your shortcomings are because our time in the military gifted us a second chance. No matter what your story is, we are excited that you are here, and we want to help make your dreams of success come true.
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Help this Marine Veteran and Princeton Student Raise Money for the Semper Fi & America’s Fund.

Our Princeton associate, Sam Fendler, is a rockstar. He’s currently serving as the President of the Princeton Student Veterans Association and President of the Ivy League Veterans Council, all while balancing the challenges of a senior at Princeton University. On top of all of this, Sam will be running on November 13th, in celebration ofContinue reading “Help this Marine Veteran and Princeton Student Raise Money for the Semper Fi & America’s Fund.”


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