Opinion Piece: Find Your Study Break Hobby

If you are a seasoned academic vet or just starting your first semester, it will not be long before you find yourself in between extensive study sessions needing a way to relax. That is when you will find the necessity of having a study break hobby. Having an activity you genuinely enjoy doing each day can ease your anxieties and allow your brain to go from fatigued to replenished, letting you hit the books and finish that essay, which is due next week.

Now, what is a good study break hobby? Good news. There are no rules! Any activity that you love and will get your mind off academics is sufficient. Whether that is playing an instrument, going for a run/walk, playing a sport you like, or doing what I do, going for a cruise on my stand-up paddleboard. Possessing that one activity to look forward to each day will not only motivate you to push yourself to study for thirty more minutes but keep you from getting swamped with your academics. Remember, having a study break hobby is supposed to create that separation between school and personal life, preventing you from being succumbed by your studies. 

Each day when I reach the point of “officially” being mentally exhausted, I grab my board and go for a paddle. Going for a paddle enables my mind to escape my worries and pressures of academics entirely. It allows me to get some fresh air, get from behind my desk, and even get my daily workout in. I routinely schedule my study break hobby in with my academic workload as I’ve found it to increase my productivity.

Of course, I recommend your hobby, not involving an activity that can cause more strain on your body. An example of a “bad” hobby would be scrolling through social media on your phone. As you can imagine, the amount of unnecessary eye strain from staring at a screen can severely hinder your ability to jump back into your studies. Try to steer clear from other activities equivalent to this example as your goal is to ease your body as much as your mind. Remember, this is your one chance out of the day to go and do an activity in which you love!

Now go out there and find your study break hobby!