Anthony Lenkiewicz Jr.

Dartmouth College | Art History

Coast Guard | Information Systems Technician

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About Anthony:

My Coast Guard enlistment took me from Maine to California to the Caribbean and many places in between. Even as an Information Systems Technician, I was a part of search and rescue missions, maritime law enforcement boarding’s, migrant interception, interdiction of drug-traffickers, and endless shipboard firefighting drills. I loved my Coast Guard experience but decided that I wanted to complete my college education at a four-year school in person. One day, while researching my options near the end of my enlistment, I stumbled upon Cornell’s veteran webpage and discovered Service to School and The Warrior-Scholar Project. There was even a video of a prior servicemember telling about his journey from enlistment to Cornell undergrad. Intrigued and curious, I did further research. It wasn’t long before I was able to attend The Warrior-Scholar Project at the University of Michigan and was paired with a Service to School sponsor who was a sophomore at Dartmouth College and a Posse Scholar.

It’s three years later, and I’m a sophomore at Dartmouth College and a Posse Scholar (obviously, my sponsor was a good salesman). In the time that I’ve been here, I’ve joined a fraternity, tasted Robert Frost’s ashes, and eaten 512 FOCO cookies (our dining hall’s infamous claim to fame). I’m an Art History major and big fan of the liberal arts approach to education. I love to pick things up and put them down, be near large bodies of water, and eat meat. I’m very passionate about Veteran’s education and helping Veterans reach their full potential.

Anthony’s Posts:

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One of my favorite teachers at the Lutheran elementary school I attended had a habit of repeating a specific phrase out loud when things didn’t go according to expectation: “Never assume.” It’s been burned into my memory, and now I repeat the same phrase out loud to myself. In my hometown of Hemet, California, there …

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No One Makes It On Their Own

          In his commencement address to the University of Houston Class of 2017 graduates, legendary actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger emphatically declared, “I always tell people that you can call me anything that you want. You can call me Arnold. You can call me Schwarzenegger. You can call me the Austrian oak. You can …

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The Dunning-Kruger Effect and Dartmouth College

I was recently able to put a name to a behavioral tendency that I’ve long recognized in myself. I was listening to a podcast where the hosts are seasoned endurance athletes (note: I am not such an athlete). One of the hosts began talking about his journey into endurance sports and how, even though he …

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