Campus Representatives

Each of our campus representatives is an undergraduate student veteran studying full-time at one of our nation’s top 25 colleges. These highly valuable members of our team demonstrate an ongoing commitment to help those who follow in their footsteps.

We encourage you to reach out to them with any questions regarding their respective universities and journeys through higher education.

Click on our representatives’ names for their respective biographies, blog posts, and contact information!

Seth Bae

Brown University | International and Public Affairs

USA | Petroleum Specialist

Catherine Draves

Cornell University | Industrial Labor Relations

USN | Master-at-Arms

Kyle Williams

College of Charleston | Exercise Science

USMC | Reconnaissance Man

Hayden McGrath

Columbia University | Latin American History


Anthony Lenkiewicz Jr.

Dartmouth College | Art History

USCG | Information Systems Technician

Alex McPherson

Georgetown University | History

USMC | Infantry Rifleman

Melissa Calvert

Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

USN | Nuclear Electronics Technician

Sam Fendler

Princeton University | Political Theory

USMC | Infantry Rifleman

Lyndsea Warkenthien

Stanford University | Computer Science

USN | Intelligence Specialist

Kevin Thiphavong

University of California, Berkeley | Interdisciplinary Studies Field

USN | Yeoman

Kaedy Puckett

University of Chicago | Comparative Human Development

USN | Cryptologic Linguist

Noah Althuis

University of Florida | Civil Engineering

USMC | Heavy Equipment Operator

Murphy Edson

University of Michigan | Biopsychology

USN | Hospital Corpsman

Jonathon Longcoy

University of Pennsylvania | Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

USA | Airborne Infantryman

Sage Clark

University of Southern California | Mechanical Engineering

USMC | Tactical Air Defense Controller

Axton Vorpahl

University of Texas at Austin | Civil Engineering

USN | Builder

Mark Griego

Villanova University | Computer Engineering

USMC | Korean Cryptologic Linguist

Jaime Vidaurre

University of Virginia | Pre-Med and Global Studies

USN | Torpedoman

Anthony Ventura

William & Mary | Business Analytics and Data Science

USN | Religious Programs Specialist

Kurt Nowak

Yale University | Political Science

USN | Intelligence Specialist