Harvard University Withdraws Standardized Testing Requirements for Class of 2025 Applicants

To view the original article, access: Harvard Removes Standardized Testing Requirements for Class of 2025 Applicants On Monday (June 15th), Harvard University’s admissions office announced they would not require standardized testing scores for the College Class of 2025. The amendment allows applicants not to be penalized for failing to submit Advanced Placement or SAT subjectContinue reading “Harvard University Withdraws Standardized Testing Requirements for Class of 2025 Applicants”

Opinion Piece: Living as a Disabled Student Veteran

Bent down the wrong way and blew out your back, and now you’re wondering how to make it to your next lecture? I feel your pain. Your knee gave out again while you were walking in between classes? I’ve been there. You can’t hear your professor in class because of the deafening ring in yourContinue reading “Opinion Piece: Living as a Disabled Student Veteran”

Notre Dame Expands Yellow Ribbon Program to Fully Support Military-Connected Students

Starting in the 2020-21 academic year, Notre Dame will ensure each military-connected student receives the full potential U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs match. Notre Dame’s decision strengthens the school’s military-friendly history and will benefit the currently enrolled 300 military-connected students on campus. Click below to read the full article. Article on Notre Dame’s Website

Opinion Piece: Achieving a Concentrated Friend Group

Having a concentrated friend group is one of — if not the — most fundamental tools in achieving your academic goals. Now, what on earth is a concentrated friend group? A concentrated friend group is a focused group of individuals who share the same educational aims and corresponding ambition. Let me explain. If there is one concept/ideaContinue reading “Opinion Piece: Achieving a Concentrated Friend Group”

Opinion Piece: Find Your Study Break Hobby

If you are a seasoned academic vet or just starting your first semester, it will not be long before you find yourself in between extensive study sessions needing a way to relax. That is when you will find the necessity of having a study break hobby. Having an activity you genuinely enjoy doing each day canContinue reading “Opinion Piece: Find Your Study Break Hobby”