4th of July: A Message of Gratitude

For the last 244 years, our nation has battled through war, controversy, and everything in between. We’re a young country—one that breeds competition, pride, and opportunity. This 4th of July, though different in celebration, we ask that you reflect upon that for which you’re grateful and apply that gratitude in a manner as to preserve […]

Most Universities (Including Seven of the Ivy League) Fully Waive Standardized Testing Requirements for Fall 2021 Admission, but Should You Still Take One?

Most universities, including seven of the eight Ivy League, have now fully waived standardized testing requirements for applicants applying to the fall 2021 term (entering freshman graduation year: 2025). You may have seen another article stating that all universities have suspended the testing requirement, but as of now, there is a small deviation. Columbia’s School […]

Johns Hopkins Joins Service to School as Newest VetLink Partner

To view the original article, access: Johns Hopkins Expands Resources for Veterans by Joining Service to School Service to School is an organization we highly endorse for multiple reasons. They offer a program called VetLink, which partners with very prestigious universities such as Princeton, Harvard, Brown, and now Johns Hopkins. VetLink provides veteran applicants with […]

Opinion Piece: Arrive to Class 10 Minutes Early

By arriving to class early, you gift yourself the opportunity to get to know the professor. Odds are, you will probably be one of the only people, if not the only person, in the room when the professor arrives. This is huge; It allows the professor to associate your name with your face, and it […]

Memorial Day: How We Can Honor Those Who Gave All

Today, we celebrate the lives of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. They were our friends and family, and their names live on through their teachings, stories, and memories. They made us better, and it is now our duty to carry their legacies forward. One of the ways that we can continue to bring positivity […]