Tools for Adapting to a Successful College Lifestyle

After five years of service, I decided that it was time to leave the military and pursue a career in medicine. The reason for leaving the military varies for each person; however, I can say, anecdotally speaking, many individuals hold a level of uncertainty and doubt when attempting to solidify their choice to discharge.

Hot Wash: A Year After Separation

After serving in the military for over 10 years, I was ready for a change of pace. It would have been easier for me to stay another 10 years to retire, but I wanted a new challenge. Two weeks after I started terminal leave in January 2020, I attended a community college to complete prerequisites […]

Mentally Transitioning into School

Many service members think of going back to school as a distant or unattainable goal. Whether you’re thinking about returning to the classroom after you get out of the service, attending next year, when you pick up your next rank, or whenever, it’s extremely beneficial to prepare mentally for the educational rigors ahead. For many, […]

Texas A&M Joins Service to School as Newest VetLink Partner

If you are a veteran or active servicemember considering applying to Texas A&M, you have just been given a huge advantage. Below is a brief explanation of VetLink, which is what many (to include myself) consider to be Service to School’s flagship program. VetLink Explained: VetLink is the trophy service of Service to School, another […]

YALE Makes Enormous Changes For Fall of 2020

On Thursday, June 18th, Yale broadcasted that the fall semester of 2020 will commence in a “residential/remote model.” The change in the academic environment will afford Yale students a choice of living in “de-densified” housing in New Haven or the completion of their studies from a remote location as all curricula (besides a few studio-based […]

Opinion Piece: You are a GOLDFISH

The other day I talked to a very motivated Staff Sergeant in the Marines. He repeatedly displayed feelings of sorrow and fear during our conversation as he was facing the end of his military service (unwillingly). This Staff Seargent was sad he couldn’t serve his country anymore and continue the career he dreamed of having […]