Brown’s Romantic Curriculum

Veterans begin their journey in higher education for different reasons. I can’t speak for every veteran, but if you are a veteran searching for a romantic campus, consider applying to Brown because no academic programs are more romantic than the open curriculum.

College Rejection 101: Next Steps for Veterans Who Didn’t Make It

Around this time of the year, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, receive an email stating the “sincere” regrets from the schools they once dreamt of attending. The weight of rejection falls more heavily on veteran applicants than traditional applicants looking forward to their senior prom. Not only do college rejections interrupt veterans’ behind-schedule academic […]

Opinion Piece: Before You Roll up the Car Window

It was getting close to midnight. After serving hundreds of sushi to angry customers and cleaning up after drunk fraternity boys, I was on my way home with a pocket full of singles. I ran into a middle-aged man holding a sign in front of the restaurant.  Homeless veteran from Fort Drum, anything helps. Lucky […]

Opinion Piece: Student Veterans’ FOMO

Whether you are transferring from a community college or straight out of the military, you might have experienced the life of an outsider if you are a student veteran. You constantly remind yourself that you don’t have any problem going to classes alone, but a group of students enjoying the sunny weather on the green […]

Brown University Announced 2020-2021 Academic Year Plan

Brown University will welcome their students back to campus in the fall, following a three-term academic calendar. This model allows undergraduates to return to campus for two of the three terms. While all students completing their second semester or greater will return in the fall, if the school has to continuously reduce campus density in […]