Brown University Announced 2020-2021 Academic Year Plan

Brown University will welcome their students back to campus in the fall, following a three-term academic calendar. This model allows undergraduates to return to campus for two of the three terms. While all students completing their second semester or greater will return in the fall, if the school has to continuously reduce campus density in the spring, sophomores might be asked to leave for the spring to accommodate the arrival of first-year students. 

While new first-year students will arrive for the spring term and continue to the summer term, students who are transferring to Brown or in the Resumed Undergraduate Education program will have the option to arrive for the fall. On the bright side, first-years students can either remotely participate in virtual orientation or take one course from Brown, free of charge, for credit. 

In-person classes will be held under strict health protocols, limiting the class sizes to 20 students and enabling safe distance within classrooms. Moreover, the university will permit all students to take classes remotely, whether they are on campus or not. 

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