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Columbia University Campus Tour

New York City, NY

Ever wondered what it’s like being a student veteran at Columbia University in the city of New York? We got you covered. Whether you’re a current active-duty service member or a veteran, see what’s it like being a student vet on Columbia’s campus. Hear about varying matters only applicable to student veterans, such as veteran and professor testimony, educational benefits in New York, or Columbia’s long history with military members. Regardless of if you’re an E-3 with 2 more years left on your contract or a vet that’s been out for 15 years, this Campus Tour will offer you an insightful glimpse into the unique experiences and challenges faced by current veterans who choose to pursue higher education at Columbia.


Want to take matters into your own hands and reach out to or research a specific department at Columbia University? We’ll make it easy for you.

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Special thanks to all contributors in the making of this film, including: Beth Morgan, Glen Steinmacher, Conor Abbamonte, Curtis Rodgers, Thomas Cuzzocrea, Jason Dempsey, R.J. Jenkins, Michael Cennamo, Grayson Noyes, Ebonnie Goodfield, Michael Bollinger, Dan Hewett, Elizabeth Bordi, Ryan Hagen, Belinda Cooper, Dan O’Flaherty, Jon Hanford, Vincent Aliberto, and Frank DeStefano