The University of Chicago’s Holistic Approach to Veteran Services

Former enlisted military veterans are not traditionally who one might expect to find in attendance at a top-tier university. In fact, most enlisted folks themselves wouldn’t even consider it a possibility. Fortunately, there has been a major shift over the last decade, both in how veterans envision their future in higher education and in how […]

Brown University Announced 2020-2021 Academic Year Plan

Brown University will welcome their students back to campus in the fall, following a three-term academic calendar. This model allows undergraduates to return to campus for two of the three terms. While all students completing their second semester or greater will return in the fall, if the school has to continuously reduce campus density in […]

Stanford University Academic Planning for 2020 – 2021

Stanford University announced June 29th, 2020 by way of Vice Provost for Student Affairs Susie Brubaker-Cole and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Sarah Church, the academic plan for undergraduate students for the 2020 – 2021 academic year. The university will invite half of the undergraduates to campus for each quarter. Specifically, freshman and new transfer […]

YALE Makes Enormous Changes For Fall of 2020

On Thursday, June 18th, Yale broadcasted that the fall semester of 2020 will commence in a “residential/remote model.” The change in the academic environment will afford Yale students a choice of living in “de-densified” housing in New Haven or the completion of their studies from a remote location as all curricula (besides a few studio-based […]

Johns Hopkins Joins Service to School as Newest VetLink Partner

To view the original article, access: Johns Hopkins Expands Resources for Veterans by Joining Service to School Service to School is an organization we highly endorse for multiple reasons. They offer a program called VetLink, which partners with very prestigious universities such as Princeton, Harvard, Brown, and now Johns Hopkins. VetLink provides veteran applicants with […]

Warrior Scholar Project Announces 2020 Courses will be Online

Ryan Pavel’s Official Letter Excerpt: “This summer, we intend to operate robust virtual programming that accomplishes our mission of empowering enlisted service members and veterans in their transition to higher education.” Note:We cannot recommend WSP enough. In fact, the three of us at Next Step Inbound are friends because of this program. There are still […]