Finding Purpose in Higher Education

Every military serviceman or woman who has chosen to leave their established ordered life in the military has taken a chaotic risk. The broad expectations provided by deployment cycles and the everyday concretized routines provided grounding for their lives. When they chose to leave that ordered world, they cut their moors and, inevitably, found themselvesContinue reading “Finding Purpose in Higher Education”

Help this Marine Veteran and Princeton Student Raise Money for the Semper Fi & America’s Fund.

Our Princeton associate, Sam Fendler, is a rockstar. He’s currently serving as the President of the Princeton Student Veterans Association and President of the Ivy League Veterans Council, all while balancing the challenges of a senior at Princeton University. On top of all of this, Sam will be running on November 13th, in celebration ofContinue reading “Help this Marine Veteran and Princeton Student Raise Money for the Semper Fi & America’s Fund.”

From a U.S. Navy Sailor to a Yale Bulldog

To say that I was in a state of disbelief when I entered Yale in August of 2018 would probably be an understatement. While my road to college had been a long one, with plenty of twists and turns along the way, I never could have imagined that I’d ever set foot on an IvyContinue reading “From a U.S. Navy Sailor to a Yale Bulldog”

No One Makes It On Their Own

          In his commencement address to the University of Houston Class of 2017 graduates, legendary actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger emphatically declared, “I always tell people that you can call me anything that you want. You can call me Arnold. You can call me Schwarzenegger. You can call me the Austrian oak. You canContinue reading “No One Makes It On Their Own”

Texas A&M Joins Service to School as Newest VetLink Partner

If you are a veteran or active servicemember considering applying to Texas A&M, you have just been given a huge advantage. Below is a brief explanation of VetLink, which is what many (to include myself) consider to be Service to School’s flagship program. VetLink Explained: VetLink is the trophy service of Service to School, anotherContinue reading “Texas A&M Joins Service to School as Newest VetLink Partner”

Easing Into Your First Year

Like many veterans, when I began planning my steps to transition out of active duty, I focused on maximizing my time and finishing school as quickly as possible. I matriculated at Columbia University in the fall of 2019, my transition time from active duty to college student is best described as nonexistent. After returning fromContinue reading “Easing Into Your First Year”

The Dunning-Kruger Effect and Dartmouth College

I was recently able to put a name to a behavioral tendency that I’ve long recognized in myself. I was listening to a podcast where the hosts are seasoned endurance athletes (note: I am not such an athlete). One of the hosts began talking about his journey into endurance sports and how, even though heContinue reading “The Dunning-Kruger Effect and Dartmouth College”

The Road Less Traveled: The argument for becoming a student veteran

At some point in their career, every member of the military member considers life after their enlistment is completed. Often, they are filled with excitement as they anticipate the sense of freedom they will experience on the day they get out. With longing in their eyes, they imagine waking up late, not shaving or doingContinue reading “The Road Less Traveled: The argument for becoming a student veteran”

Opinion Piece: You are a GOLDFISH

The other day I talked to a very motivated Staff Sergeant in the Marines. He repeatedly displayed feelings of sorrow and fear during our conversation as he was facing the end of his military service (unwillingly). This Staff Seargent was sad he couldn’t serve his country anymore and continue the career he dreamed of havingContinue reading “Opinion Piece: You are a GOLDFISH”