Founders & Staff

Jake Glazer

Chief Executive Officer

Hey all, I’m Jake. I grew up in Laguna Beach, CA and enlisted in the Marine Corps at age 20. For five years, I served as an H-1 Quality Assurance Inspector and Huey Aircrewman with HMLA-267. Since completing my service, I earned associates degrees in both economics and business from Saddleback College before transferring to Princeton University. I take pride in constantly challenging myself and engaging in new opportunities, whether that be in the classroom, on my mountain bike, or somewhere abroad. My goal is to attend a top MBA program upon the completion of my undergraduate degree, and I’m open to any and all advice. Please feel free to connect with me and reach out with any questions.

Marcus Bartolome

Chief Operations Officer

Hey there, I’m Marcus. I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. I served four years in the Marine Corps Infantry with 1st Battalion 1st Marines, and I will be an Economics-Mathematics major at Columbia University. I thoroughly enjoy skiing, camping, swimming, and helping other veterans in any way that I can. As my life progresses and I finish my undergraduate studies, I aim to complete Law School and try my hand as a Corporate Attorney. My passion for helping veterans achieve their post-military goals will remain at the forefront of my ambitions. I aspire to preserve the awesome community of capable and driven student-veterans that helped me not so long ago. And if you ever need some reassurance in your collegiate pursuits, just ask me about my GPA before the military…

Brandon Lambert

Chief Financial Officer

Hello all! Firstly, I want to thank you for being a part of our NSI community! I’m Brandon, originally from Houston, TX. I served four years in the United States Marines Corps, a part of 1st Battalion 1st Marines, where I held the privilege of being a member of my unit’s sniper team. Concurrent to my service, I pursued higher education throughout my military career and studied at three different community colleges before ultimately gaining admittance to Columbia University. My desire to aid veterans in their pursuit of higher education has been forged through my own hardships while seeking academics. Becoming a student-veteran can be a daunting and stressful experience; our NSI team is here to help.

Jeffrey Parrish

Director of Outreach

Welcome to NSI! My name is Jeff Parrish and I’m excited to work with each and every one of you. I was born and raised in Chico, CA and later spent five years in the United States Marine Corps filling various roles. I served as a Chinese Linguist, Motor Transport Operator, and had the privilege of serving as the senior enlisted liaison to the Base Magistrate aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Though I struggled academically when I was younger, while on active duty, I completed several courses at a community college, set my sights on the country’s leading institutions, and eventually transferred to Columbia University. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I hope to attend an M7 business school with the intention of later working in management consulting. For most veterans, ending your military career is not the finish line–it’s merely the start. Let us at NSI help you facilitate the transition from service member to scholar and beyond.

Nestor Walters

Head of Writing Development

Hi all, I’m Nestor. I was born in Bangladesh, raised in Greece, and served ten years in the US Navy as a combat medic and SEAL. I now study math and creative writing at Stanford, have had numerous stories rejected from literary journals, and sometimes write in my blog.

Maybe you’re wondering if you have what it takes. Your high school transcript was average, your stack of ribbons unremarkable, maybe your professors describe you as “fitfully brilliant.” Ok, that’s actually me. But looking back, I see that I was lucky to have help from family and friends who read early drafts of my essays and offered suggestions for revision again and again. I know everyone doesn’t have that kind of support, so I want to do my best to extend it to you through Next Step Inbound’s essay tutorial program.

Welcome and let’s tell them a story they won’t forget.

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