Simplifying the transition from the military to college

About Next Step Inbound:

We are student veterans studying at some of the nation’s top colleges. We were frustrated by how complicated the transition was from active duty to college, and we think it should be easier. Next Step Inbound is ready to help make your journey easier by sharing some of the amazing resources and organizations that helped us get where we are today. We want to see more veterans experience the incredible opportunities the top universities have to offer, and we are eager to help make that a reality.

Our team is made up of veterans from every branch of the military, and we come from a variety of backgrounds. Some of us barely made it through high school; others failed out of college. However, our time in the military gifted us a second chance. No matter what your story is, we are excited that you are here, and we want to help make your college dreams come true.
Welcome to Next Step Inbound.

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Kyle’s Article

After five years of service, I decided that it was time to leave the military and pursue a career in medicine. The reason for leaving the military varies for each person; however, I can say, anecdotally speaking, many individuals hold a level of uncertainty and doubt when attempting to solidify their choice to discharge. For…

Brown’s Romantic Curriculum

If you are in search of a romantic campus, consider applying to Brown. Veterans begin their journey in higher education for different reasons. I can’t speak for every veteran, but if you are a veteran searching for a romantic campus, consider applying to Brown because no academic programs are more romantic than the open curriculum.…

Never Assume

One of my favorite teachers at the Lutheran elementary school I attended had a habit of repeating a specific phrase out loud when things didn’t go according to expectation: “Never assume.” It’s been burned into my memory, and now I repeat the same phrase out loud to myself. In my hometown of Hemet, California, there…

My Intersectional Identity Amplifies My Imposter Syndrome

One of the beautiful things about being in a “small” university is you hear about a lot more events and opportunities outside of your major. If your university is elite, it’s more likely that these events are led by the “top” minds in the country, maybe even the world. One of the groups that resonate…


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