Murphy Edson

University of Michigan | Biopsychology

Navy | Hospital Corpsman


About Murphy:

Hi everyone! My name is Murphy Edson, a proud representative of the Next Step Inbound (NSI) team and student veteran at the University of Michigan. My path to academics may sound familiar to many of you, or to service members you know. Before enlisting in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, I attended community college in Austin, Texas for a semester with pretty horrendous results. As an 18-year-old without a sense of personal responsibility or direction, academics seemed like an unnecessary chore that I wanted nothing to do with. My eventual academic probation in college kick-started my enlistment into the Navy, ultimately becoming one of the most important blessings in disguise that I’ve ever experienced.

The Navy provided me with that direction and sense of responsibility that I lacked, and it offered me exposure to uncomfortable challenges that I find myself continuously embracing today. The joy I had every day working as a Hospital Corpsman, and the joy of practicing medicine alongside physicians, nurses, and my friends painted no clearer picture than that of pursuing the challenges of advanced collegiate studies, all starting with undergraduate studies here at the University of Michigan. Now, I’m studying Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience, with a minor in Global Health in International Studies. I hope to earn an M.D. and work alongside international aid organizations as a non-profit healthcare provider.

As the last year of my enlistment winded down, I scoured veteran pages like NSI reading the bios and reaching out to the vets enrolled in the best schools in the nation. The best part about talking to them was learning how similar they are to all of us – everyday veterans who strive for that next level and are fueled with a desire to keep growing. If you are anything like I was – curious, excited, and eager to know everything about admissions and what it means to be a student veteran – please reach out to me or any campus representative! I’m grateful for what NSI has provided me in my transition and I’m eager to see what we can do for you.  

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