Finding Purpose in Higher Education

Every military serviceman or woman who has chosen to leave their established ordered life in the military has taken a chaotic risk. The broad expectations provided by deployment cycles and the everyday concretized routines provided grounding for their lives. When they chose to leave that ordered world, they cut their moors and, inevitably, found themselvesContinue reading “Finding Purpose in Higher Education”

Harvard University Withdraws Standardized Testing Requirements for Class of 2025 Applicants

To view the original article, access: Harvard Removes Standardized Testing Requirements for Class of 2025 Applicants On Monday (June 15th), Harvard University’s admissions office announced they would not require standardized testing scores for the College Class of 2025. The amendment allows applicants not to be penalized for failing to submit Advanced Placement or SAT subjectContinue reading “Harvard University Withdraws Standardized Testing Requirements for Class of 2025 Applicants”

Opinion Piece: Living as a Disabled Student Veteran

Bent down the wrong way and blew out your back, and now you’re wondering how to make it to your next lecture? I feel your pain. Your knee gave out again while you were walking in between classes? I’ve been there. You can’t hear your professor in class because of the deafening ring in yourContinue reading “Opinion Piece: Living as a Disabled Student Veteran”

Opinion Piece: You are a GOLDFISH

The other day I talked to a very motivated Staff Sergeant in the Marines. He repeatedly displayed feelings of sorrow and fear during our conversation as he was facing the end of his military service (unwillingly). This Staff Seargent was sad he couldn’t serve his country anymore and continue the career he dreamed of havingContinue reading “Opinion Piece: You are a GOLDFISH”

Opinion Piece: Arrive to Class 10 Minutes Early

By arriving to class early, you gift yourself the opportunity to get to know the professor. Odds are, you will probably be one of the only people, if not the only person, in the room when the professor arrives. This is huge; It allows the professor to associate your name with your face, and itContinue reading “Opinion Piece: Arrive to Class 10 Minutes Early”

Memorial Day: How We Can Honor Those Who Gave All

Today, we celebrate the lives of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. They were our friends and family, and their names live on through their teachings, stories, and memories. They made us better, and it is now our duty to carry their legacies forward. One of the ways that we can continue to bring positivityContinue reading “Memorial Day: How We Can Honor Those Who Gave All”