Finding Purpose in Higher Education

Every military serviceman or woman who has chosen to leave their established ordered life in the military has taken a chaotic risk. The broad expectations provided by deployment cycles and the everyday concretized routines provided grounding for their lives. When they chose to leave that ordered world, they cut their moors and, inevitably, found themselvesContinue reading “Finding Purpose in Higher Education”

Searching for a University: Considering the Chicago Principles

            In recent years the definition of the University has been in flux. As NYU psychologist Jonathan Haidt has noted[1], the university is oscillating between truth and social justice. The competition between these values has been seen on campuses across the United States for several years. The shout-downs at Yale[2], the meltdown at Evergreen[3], the creationContinue reading “Searching for a University: Considering the Chicago Principles”

The University of Chicago’s Holistic Approach to Veteran Services

Former enlisted military veterans are not traditionally who one might expect to find in attendance at a top-tier university. In fact, most enlisted folks themselves wouldn’t even consider it a possibility. Fortunately, there has been a major shift over the last decade, both in how veterans envision their future in higher education and in howContinue reading “The University of Chicago’s Holistic Approach to Veteran Services”

Opinion Piece: Limitation and Making New Friends

            It is. No truer statement can be said about reality than this. The immense complexity of the nature in which we live, the nature of nature, is beyond human comprehension – bar the sliver of our perceptions and the sum total of our inquiry which remains inadequate. In the attempts to conceptualize the sumContinue reading “Opinion Piece: Limitation and Making New Friends”

Harvard University Withdraws Standardized Testing Requirements for Class of 2025 Applicants

To view the original article, access: Harvard Removes Standardized Testing Requirements for Class of 2025 Applicants On Monday (June 15th), Harvard University’s admissions office announced they would not require standardized testing scores for the College Class of 2025. The amendment allows applicants not to be penalized for failing to submit Advanced Placement or SAT subjectContinue reading “Harvard University Withdraws Standardized Testing Requirements for Class of 2025 Applicants”

Opinion Piece: Arrive to Class 10 Minutes Early

By arriving to class early, you gift yourself the opportunity to get to know the professor. Odds are, you will probably be one of the only people, if not the only person, in the room when the professor arrives. This is huge; It allows the professor to associate your name with your face, and itContinue reading “Opinion Piece: Arrive to Class 10 Minutes Early”