Hudson Miller

Harvard University | Economics

Marine Corps | Postal Clerk


About Hudson:

Hey everyone, I’m Hudson! I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. I spent a semester at the University of Oklahoma, but I left and enlisted into the Marine Corps, where I ended up as a Postal Clerk. I was first stationed at MCRD San Diego. I got married while in San Diego to my wife, Hannah, and shortly after our wedding; we moved to Okinawa, Japan, where we spent the rest of my enlistment. I was eager to return to school and finish what I had started. But, I really felt like I had to make it up as I went, and it was hard to find leaders or resources on base to help me through the college admission process. Through taking classes at OU and a community college in Texas, I was slowly able to improve my GPA, and after I retook my SAT, I realized I could be competitive at a lot of schools. My dream had been to get into a state school in Texas, and that had still seemed farfetched, but I am now getting ready to start my second year at Harvard, and it is still hard to believe. I am passionate about helping veterans realize that they have so many skills and experiences that make them highly competitive at the best colleges in the nation. I am excited to help veterans with the daunting application process, and I’m happy to partner with NSI to provide great resources to interested veterans and share my own experiences and the lessons I learned along the way.

Hudson’s Posts:

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At some point in their career, every member of the military member considers life after their enlistment is completed. Often, they are filled with excitement as they anticipate the sense of freedom they will experience on the day they get out. With longing in their eyes, they imagine waking up late, not shaving or doing …

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           I sat in the library and was trying to muster some level of energy to begin reading the hundred or so pages that were due for my class in a few hours. After a month of college classes, I was finally starting to figure out a nice schedule and getting used to the homework load. …

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