Texas A&M Joins Service to School as Newest VetLink Partner

If you are a veteran or active servicemember considering applying to Texas A&M, you have just been given a huge advantage. Below is a brief explanation of VetLink, which is what many (to include myself) consider to be Service to School’s flagship program.

VetLink Explained:

VetLink is the trophy service of Service to School, another student veteran organization that we highly endorse. VetLink gives you the opportunity to fill out their “Veteran Addendum,” or template which allows you to thoroughly explain your military career. You define your jobs, responsibilities, billets, deployments, awards, and much more. It is your way to separate yourself from the general population. Service to School then transfers that addendum to the VetLink partner schools to which you are applying. VetLink partners include universities such as Princeton, MIT, Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, and many others. Your Veteran Addendum will be very specific to you, and it will directly reflect your performance as an active duty service member. Obviously, you want this to be as impressive as possible, which means that you better excel in your respective billets in order to present the best possible addendum to your prospective schools. For more information on Service to School and other programs alike, visit Free Programs We Love.

Thank you, to both Service to School and Texas A&M for providing this incredible opportunity for our student veteran community.