University of Pennsylvania Announces Hybrid (In-Person/ Online) Instruction for Fall 2020 Semester

Full the full, original announcement, visit: Penn Today

The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) announced just yesterday that they will adapt a hybrid approach for learning instruction in the upcoming Fall 2020 semester. The adaptation will allow students back on campus in a limited manner, incorporating both in-person and online class. There are multiple policies in effect, such as mandatory face coverings, limited population densities at both university libraries and campus housing, and mandatory COVID-19 testing upon arrival (as well as further testing throughout the semester). To fully understand their approach, view their original announcement linked above. Also, of note, the grading system is back to normal.

Will the rest of the Ivy League and/or private school community follow a similar route? It’s pure speculation at this point, but it’s fair to expect at least some changes as we head into this next academic term. Stay tuned for more updates.