Veteran Friendly Universities

…with programs designed specifically to recruit service members.

We can’t stress this enough: competitive universities want to diversify their classrooms with high achieving student veterans such as yourself. Some colleges have gone so far as to create their own programs in order to exclusively target nontraditional-student recruitment. We promise to keep this page updated as more opportunities arise.

Image: Stanford University, Xander DeLosReyes

Columbia University: School of General Studies

A college within Columbia University, specifically tailored to the needs of nontraditional students

“Core Strategy: By recognizing the diversity and specific needs of the veteran student, we sustain communication, collaboration, and innovative engagement with both the veteran and non-veteran community to provide the platform needed for veterans to successfully integrate, participate, and graduate – ultimately pursuing their goals within society.”

Learn more from our Representative, Hayden McGrath (Columbia ’22).

Yale University: Eli Whitney Program

Welcoming nontraditional students with exceptional backgrounds and aspirations

“The Eli Whitney Students Program (EWSP) at Yale is designed for individuals with high academic potential who have had their education interrupted, at some point during their educational careers, for five or more years.”

Learn more from our Representative, Kurt Nowak (Yale ’22).

Brown University: Resumed Undergraduate Education

Bringing nontraditional students into their flexible, open curriculum

“The Resumed Undergraduate Education (RUE) Program is a small, highly competitive program ideal for students who interrupted or delayed their formal education due to family commitments, financial concerns, health issues, military service, employment opportunities or simply a compelling need to explore other paths.”

Learn more from our Representative, Seth Bae (Brown ’22).

University of Chicago: Veteran Scholars

“Every veteran and service member who engages in this application will be offered support throughout the application process along with college counseling.”

“Our pioneering admission process is designed to support veteran applicants by building a relationship between you and the University. This includes tailored individual guidance, opportunities to interview, and multiple routes to success such as rolling admissions opportunities along with scheduled notification options (Fall, Winter, and Spring). The application itself is set into a 4-step process designed to offer flexible options that acknowledge your service-transition timeline … all the while supporting you with advisor access.”

Learn more from our Representative, Kaedy Puckett (UChicago ’23).

Georgetown University: School of Continuing Studies

Veterans can (and do) attend all of the Georgetown colleges. SCS is just their college specifically tailored to nontraditional students, specifically targeting undergraduates in the form of the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies.

“The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (BALS) was designed for non-traditional students interested in a values-based interdisciplinary education. The BALS program helps students build a multidimensional understanding of a complex world. The Core Area curriculum brings together work from a variety of integrated disciplines in the areas of Culture, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Social Sciences, and Writing. Additionally, students choose one or more of the following Concentrations: Business and Entrepreneurship, Humanities, Individualized Study, International Relations, Professional Media and Communication.”

Learn more from our Representative, Alex McPherson (Georgetown ’23).

Know of another university’s veteran recruitment initiative? Let us know!