Personal Statement Workshop

The personal statement and supplemental essay questions are your chance to tell the admissions officers who you are, what makes you different, and why they should want you to join their institution.

Nestor Walters, a Navy SEAL turned Stanford student, has created these amazing (and hilarious) tutorials to help you with this tricky process. Follow along with the downloadable scripts, and stay tuned for more episodes. Of note, there is no right way to craft a personal statement; these are simply opinions.


That Person

College admissions are incredibly competitive. So, how can we become one in a million, not one of a million?

Tell Me a Story

We know we want to be one in a million, but how do we do it?

What Makes a Story

Don’t tell a good story; tell a great one.

Structuring Part 1

What – So What – Now What

Structuring Part 2

State – Justify – Restate

(Getting to) Your First Draft

Kick it off

Giving Helpful Feedback

The best way to help find errors and improve your message is to share.

Crucial–Deep Reading Sample Essays

Often times, the better advice you give, the better advice you receive.

Sample Essay #1

Diving right in.

Sample Essay #2

Getting better.

Sample Essay #3

Almost there!